artist's statement

Painting is my primary passion and it has become the reason that I get up early - to spend time in my studio, surrounded by stretched canvas and wet brushes, working pieces until they are complete.

My work is generally quite dynamic and expressionistic; my canvas could be seen to be under attack at some points in the process of creation. Technical perfection of the surface is secondary to the pure emotion that can result from a frontal assault on a new piece.

I create mostly large, colorful, abstract expressionist works. My primary media is acrylic paint with the occasional bit of charcoal, conté, oil bar or oil pastel. For artistic inspiration I look to Pollack, Duchamp, Picasso, de Kooning, Twombly and to some extent Rothko

There is no hidden meaning to most of my works - they are straightforward and honest. What you see is mostly what you get. Don't look for meanings about the impermanence of life and how fragile the world is - there's nothing of the sort in here.

I just paint.

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