what i can do for you

I am skilled in producing a number of business promotional documents including; logo design, business card design, brochure layout, and website design.

I do some of this work using stock photography from my own portfolio or I will shoot to order. You may provide hard copy or electronic scans of the images you wish to start with.

I offer steep discounts on printing and hourly rates for visual artists who are producing materials to advertise themselves as artists.

Full design and printing of 1000 full colour, photographic business cards would cost you $400 as a non-artist. I will photograph, scan, design, and print 1000 business cards for artists for only $275 Canadian, tax included.

Web site design pricing is based on the real time the design would take, and I will work with you to come up with a detailed design and timeframe before any work is done. Your site can be hosted with us, or on your own web servers as you decide.

For artists, we can arrange for discounts on web site design and I can even arrange to host your site for free on the foo.ca servers for a year or more.

For more information, contact me.


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