San Francisco

A couple of the better of the crappy 'holiday snaps' I took when last we were in San Francisco. These ones are from an aquarium in Golden Gate Park if my memory serves.

Also, remember - these are my images, and in some cases they are merely recordings of other peoples' images where I'm recording graffiti that interested me. The images (recordings) are mine, mine, mine, mine. You may view them and tell others about them, and tell them to visit this site, but you may not, under any circumstances copy these files and send them to others, or print them, or use them as the basis of your own work, or collage them, or, or, or, or.... with one exception: you may take one of the large images if you wish and use it as your desktop wallpaper on one computer, so long as YOU are the one using that computer. Or something like that.

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