Richard Murray
2217-1333 South Park Street
Halifax, NS
B3J 2K9
(902) 802-4887

November 2006 - Present — Keane Canada (Halifax, NS)
Senior Consultant

March 2004 - November 2006 Self-employed systems admin

Clients of note;

Typical linux distributions employed at this time; Redhat 9, Redhat Enterprise Linux (multiple versions), Fedora Core 3, Gentoo.

December 2001 - March 2004 — / Voyus (Burnaby, BC)
Support Analyst

Providing initial phone and remote desktop support in order to diagnose and repair desktop and server problems. Hardware diagnosis, software troubleshooting, performing research.

June 2000 - July 2001 — RewardStream Inc. (Vancouver, BC)
Manager of Technical Operations

In this position, I was the primary contact for all things technical. Initial system design and deployment was in my hands. With the assistance of outside contractors, I designed, setup, and deployed the RewardStream application for the first time. The application was designed with a Sun SPARC platform in mind, and was built using tools both custom designed by our staff as well as packaged components from companies such as Oracle.

I was responsible for budgeting both time and money for the operations department, and had hiring and firing authority. I built a team of core individuals around me, and we went on to improve the system greatly over time.

Sept 1999 - June 2000 — Global Media Corp. (Vancouver, BC)
Senior Systems Admin, E-commerce

(Sept - January) Worked as part of a team designing a software and hardware solution that would allow us to migrate our e-commerce site from a mostly NT system towards a fully Unix (Solaris / Linux / BSD) one. Modular design was the ultimate goal, allowing us to replace small portions of the live, running NT site with NO downtime. This position focused primarily on systems analysis and design, and some systems administration.

(January - June) joined another team focusing on the actual implementation of the e-commerce 'modules' on the live sites.

This position involved more of a management focus, with a number of junior systems and network administrators reporting directly to me. Working with remotely hosted systems on a daily basis, we focused on keeping everything running smoothly while testing the new 'modules' for the site before putting them online.

Worked with apache, mysql, perl, bash, cvs, and other tools on a daily basis.

Mar 1996 - Sept 1999 — Superb Internet Corp. (Vancouver, BC)
Systems Administrator (Solaris / Linux / NT)

In my daily charge were a small LAN of NT systems with Linux local services for printing, file shares, etc. I designed and implemented this network, specifying equipment, provisioning, and installing it.

Other responsibilities outside of my local LAN administration related to their hosting machines located in their network operations centre. I was in charge of security on the 15-20 Solaris (2.5 - 7) SPARC systems, and shared routine maintenance and senior admin tasks with co-admins. A growing number of Linux systems, predominantly of a Redhat and Caldera flavour were being implemented toward the end of my tenure here.

1994 - 1996 — Alberta Supernet Inc (Edmonton, AB)
2nd level Technical Support, Jr. Unix (HP/UX) Admin

Moved into more systems administration tasks quickly, turned down Sr. Admin position when the position became available in 1995 to focus more on intranet development tasks in an HP/UX environment. HTML, perl, C, sh, apache and sendmail my primary tools and targets.

1993 - 1995 — Interactive Computer Video Inc (Red Deer, AB)
Primary technical support PC and Unix systems (HP/UX, Linux)

Provided assistance to a variety of customers (Amiga, OS/2, Mac, and Windows) with internet connectivity and other issues. dynamic web site design (perl / linux), with the first company we knew of doing any sort of design work in the area. This evolved into a part time responsibility for media relations when we were featured on a number of programs such as Venture and numerous publications