solo show proposals

I've found very little help in my search for help in writing a show proposal for my first solo show of work. There are dozens of books and hundreds of web sites that will help you write a grant proposal for your educational program for K-12 students, or how to write proposals for anything other than shows. A couple little pieces here and there on how to write an artist's resume (a.k.a. a CV, Curriculum Vitae), or how to put label slides, or how to write a statement that doesn't suck.

The problem is that the slide labeling instructions tend to suck and don't generally cover how to mask slides with mylar tape, or how to properly label slides so your labels and dots won't fall off and jam the jury's projector. The statement writing info is generally weak and mostly ends up sounding new-agey. I'd feel I'd have to change my name to Rainbow or something.

January 2003 - Rejected

The first proposal went in to a local, artist-run centre that pays artist fees. I'm doing individual proposals with some amount of site-specific planning. At least plotting the sizes and locations of the pieces that I'll be submitting.

I don't have the layouts I drew scanned in - just basic drawings of boxes really. The package consisted of the proposal and CV and they are online in PDF format.

February 2003 - Pending

Second proposal went out to a gallery in Calgary, Alberta. This is slightly problematic in that it's on the other side of the Rockies, meaning that somehow the paintings have to get to the other side. The proposal and the main map and ceiling map. This time I opted out of doing the wall-by-wall breakdown, and only provided a general overview of the details. Maybe less is more? Pending.

If you were directed here for the photography proposal, it's moved.