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There's a whole bunch of people trolling job postings it would appear. These guys to hire "Agents of Change"

There's a whole new world beyond your next job. You're invited to a FREE Information Briefing for business people who want more. Great web design on the


Good afternoon Richard,

You posted your resume to find a new job and given today's business environment, we recommend that you consider a direction that could prove more rewarding.

You may be perfectly suited to become an ACTION Business Coach. ACTION is seeking "Agents of Change." If you have the business talent and drive to succeed... if you believe that you should control your own business destiny and that you deserve a life outside the business world... you're invited to be our guest at our FREE Information Briefing.

It's on January 21 2003, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Westin Grand Vancouver. Just click here to make your reservation.

ACTION International is the world's #1 Business Coaching Team. ACTION was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of its Top 100 Fastest Growing Franchises, Top 20 New Franchises and Franchise 500 List! ACTION provides it's Business Coaches with world-class systems, strategies, training and support. Click here to find out why becoming an ACTION International Business Coach is the way of the future.

What does it take to become a successful ACTION Business Coach? You'll have a passion for mentoring and coaching owners of small and medium businesses. As a coach you'll be able to give them the skills and strategies they need to achieve their goals.

This Information Briefing will provide you with details on the opportunities available to you. You'll learn how business people like you are teaming with ACTION to achieve financial and professional success and to create the lifestyle they dream of and deserve. Our President, Richard Verkley, will host the briefing. He'll provide additional credentials for ACTION International, introduce you to our proprietary systems and tools, and answer your questions.

To reserve your place at this FREE Information Briefing, please click here. You can also call me, Jill Austin, at 877-303-5546. We'll confirm your registration and give you details about the venue.

Whether you become an ACTION Business Coach or not, I know you'll profit from attending our Information Briefing. Please secure your reservation right now.

Jill Austin
Training and Events Manager

The idiots that drove me to create this page sent a lame francise-recruitment letter to an email address I reserved for one job-search website. This email is below. Feel free to link to this page. Send me your own listings and reasons. Corrupting spidered lists with email is one thing, but corrupting them with GOOD addresses for other spammers isn't a bad idea either. Let them all advertise to one another.

We are "Seeking Business Professionals"

While we realize that you didn't post your resume looking for a business opportunity, we appreciate that you are looking at options to create a successful future for yourself. Upon reviewing hundreds of resumes we have determined that your experience makes you a prime candidate for our business.

We are very proud of our system so we want to inform you about our options for you. We are seeking business professionals to join Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants. We have an exciting business-to-business concept that takes advantage of the ever-changing world of telecommunications.

If you are looking to make a change in your life and wish to break away to start your own professional business, please check the "Opportunity" section at Please contact one of our Qualification Specialists, Pamela Duskocy (pronounced Dusky) at or Kim Hern at so we can provide you with guidelines to help you make an informed business decision about your future.

Yours truly,

Jennifer Eaton
Prequalification Coordinator
Schooley Mitchell
Telecom Consultants
Fact: Did you know that only 3% of small businesses are Franchises yet they represent 35-40% of retail and service sales in North America?

#1 Business Consulting Franchise in North America
-Entrepreneur Magazine, January, 2002

P.S. The following pages contain a little bit more information about our business and our opportunity for your review.

And here are the winners of the first links. The 4th and 5th entries are for possibly-innocent hosting places. They might drop off the list if the Schooley Mitchell folks curl up and die.