artist's biography

I was born in Northern Alberta to parents who quickly came to their senses and moved south to the bustling metropolis of Red Deer, Alberta.

My first drawing was executed at the age of a couple months with the aid of a red ballpoint pen, and this piece is currently in the private collection of my parents. Upon coming to terms with my artistic nature years later, I attended the Red Deer College faculty of Art and Design.

Seeking to keep myself stocked up with paint and canvas in school, I sought out employment on college grounds to allow me as much access to the studio as possible. This single job lead me to the dark side from which I have recently emerged; I have worked for the past 10 years for internet related companies and other technically minded startups.

I currently reside in Vancouver, BC. I have recently come to my senses, and am now pursuing my first dream that I had once dismissed as impossible; that of being a working artist. I paint every day, and have begun working on my photography skills once more as a way to relax from the long days painting.

Richard Murray

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